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Instructional videos

How to build an open-source capillary electrophoresis (CE)?

This prototype which is intended to be upgradeable and sustainable, was developed by the University of Applied Sciences of Fribourg (Western Switzerland) in collaboration with the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and the Geneva University Hospitals (Switzerland).

This CE device was designed to help developing countries to fight against falsified or substandard medicines, but it could also be useful for educational purposes. In the near future, interested users will be able to familiarize themselves with the instrument, to understand it and to get trained on how to repair it.

The new prototype includes a renewable energy source to make it independent from a local supply and an integrated software to simplify data processing and reporting. The components are standard and interchangeable, so they could be replaced by a local solution or by parts easily available on internet.

Let discover below these four modules:

Module 1 : Fake medicines in the world by Samuel Roth


Module 2 : History, Pharmelp in the world by Claude Rohrbasser


Module 3 : The ECB 4.0 prototype, an open-source CE, development and assembly of the device by Olivier Vorlet


Module 4 : Performing an analysis with our new instrument by Olivier Vorlet